Missoni for Target: Review 2

Hello Beautiful People!

I wanted to share a few word and images of the Missoni for Target items that I actually purchased at my local stores (Richmond and Pinole, Ca). It appears for once in my life…I am one of the lucky ones who got almost everything I wanted on my wish list! Well, everything that was available in stores….

Mandolyn the Basset Hound says I LOVE Missoni for Target

The Target employees at the Pinole store were so over it when I rushed the store at 8am. They were actually rolling their eyes at me…one young girl asked me if I bought the bike because “that is the coolest thing.” Like I said, there were only three women shopping there for themselves then an older couple who I suspect were there to buy out the bedding and shower curtains. I didn’t want those pieces, but still…it was very shitty in my opinion. This whole Ebay mess is just beyond me. Seriously people? But I digress. Anyways, one of the Target employees (who was a little kinder about my enthusiasm) told me they only got ONE item of each style in each size. BUT overall…the quality of the clothes and home products seems really good. I was impressed that the socks are mostly cotton (yay for my feet) and not just 100% polyester. I hate polyester with the passion of 1,000 white hot suns. But that is a tangent for another day.

First the umbrella is super cute!! I seriously LUCKED out and got the pink/green zigzag pattern. There was only one hanging at 8:03am so I have to assume I got the only one. Stoked! While I was at the accessories I picked up the infinity scarf. I love that they used glittery black yarn as an accent…just enough sparkle without going overboard! I think I am going to use the head scarf on my purse.

Missoni for Target Cami, Infinity Scarf, & Floral Head Scarf

The ballet flats are pretty flimsy but really adorable….I don’t think I will be wearing these outside in the rain.

My Missoni for Target Ballet Flats

when I was checking out the lady asked me if I needed the box for my ballet flats. Yes, I need the box! I am here at 8:00am–do you really think I am gonna let you keep the box to my Missoni shoes? Um, no.

The rugs are a-mazing! The colors in the purple floral pattern are so bold and lovely and both rugs are thick and plush.

Missoni for Target Rug & Towels

I love these rugs and towels…so cute!  I wish I could’ve bought the big towels too but I was being cost conscious (as much as I could possibly have been).

Missoni for Target Accessories (Ballet Flats, Men & Womens Socks, Umbrella, Floral Head Scarf)

These are my accessories…I attend school in rainy SF so I was very excited about the umbrella (as I already mentioned). I bought the socks for the fashionable men in my life (hubby and Dad), and one pair of women’s socks for a girlfriend of mine in Paris–her bday is next month. She loves fashion too so I hope she will be excited.

Missoni for Target Socks for Men

Missoni for Target Socks for Women

Below is a Camisole that I purchase in size XL but alas it is too large for me. Again sizes run large.  I am going to try to trade it on the Locked out of Missoni – Fair Trade Here Facebook page. There is a lot of merchandise to be traded on this page and these are not money hawks but real people who are not trying to profit.

Overall I am pretty happy…except I really wanted the multicolor sweater dress ($55) that was only available on-line. It is still listed as out of stock and I refuse to even price check items on eBay. If anyone has a medium I will please buy it from you!

Also, this morning I received an email from Target stating my shipment of the sleeveless multicolor sweater would be delayed one week. I am afraid it will be cancelled.


Missoni for Target: A Triumph!

Hello Beautiful People!

Today is the day we have all been waiting for…well at least me! This morning at 8am stores opened with the Missoni for Target line! Yay!

The Target website has been extremely problamatic this morning and I haven’t been able to pay for my order. I am pretty sure the floral rain boots I want will be out of stock when I can finally get through. But I am really happy with what I got.

My Missoni for Target Wishlist and Gift Cards I received for my recent birthday

I was in my car at 7am PST this morning heading to Target in Pinole, California. When I arrived at approximately 7:12 I was the only person in the parking lot besides the employees.

Ready, Set, Wait!

Target at 7am

When the store opened at precisely 8am about six people had gathered at the doors including two Russian men. My imagination went wild!! I had to ask if they were there for Missoni but they were not. LOL.

Anyways, I ran to the shoes as soon as it opened and grabbed my ballet flats (true to size at 6 1/2). Then I went back for a cart and was off to the home section. I passed by the baby clothes and had to snap a pic because they were soo cute!!

Missoni for Target Baby Clothes

Missoni for Target Baby Clothes

When I found the Missoni Home kiosk a lady I was hanging out with at opening was there checking out the rugs. I grabbed both rugs and the last two purple hand towels (one in each design). My friend offered me one of the floral hand towels she decided against. So, I randomly ended up with three hand towels! (the Virgo in me likes even numbers of towels…) When we were finished there were no purple towels remaining. I didn’t even see the shower curtains. They were gone before I saw the kiosk of bath stuff.

Missoni for Target Bath Kiosk (empty!!)

Then I was off to the accessories! There are so many very cute items in the accessories. I purchased the umbrella and the infinity scarf for starters. I love the pouch purse and gloves as well. I would like to have them too…but I had to put a limit somewhere. I am not that spoilt.

Finally, I went to the clothes and tried on a few items. Overall, I found the sizes run a bit large…I am usually a large but a medium worked for me in the dresses. All the sweater dresses are lined with a tank dress and they were as cute in person as they looked on the models. I found the skirts and dresses to be very short…really short! So, I didn’t buy any of the clothes in the store.

Missoni for Target Blue Sweater Dress

Missoni for Target Blue Sweater Dress

Missoni for Target Brown Sweater Dress

Missoni for Target Pink Sweater Skirt

My favorite item that I tried on was definatley the Pink Sweater Skirt. It is really cute and nicely made; this one was a size large. But it was so short I didn’t think it was appropriate for work, school, etc.

I am still trying to get some items that are only available online: the floral rain boots, the pink sweater vest, and the pink sweater dress from the website.

More pictures of my loot to follow!!  How did it go for everyone else?



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