Fall 2011 Thrift Store Score II

Hi Beautiful People!

Lately my life has been tres hectic as I have been super busy fostering homeless dogs, applying for much sought after jobs (and subsequently being denied), working on my Museum Studies degree at San Francisco State University, putting out figurative fires for my father, dealing with medical issues, surviving East Bay earthquakes, etc., etc., etc.

So, on Thursday I took a much-needed two hours to do something pleasurable for myself and that is…thrift store shopping!! I headed to the little village of El Sobrante, which is great as the Goodwill Industries and Thrift Town are located across the street from each other. Love Sobro for this reason!

Thrift Town is great because they have a section in the front of the store for ‘Better Clothes.’ This is where they put all the name-brand or designer garments. After perusing through, I decided to go through the dresses even though I am more of a separates girl myself. I am so glad that I fought the good fight with the old man buying about 15 dresses and the tangled hangers of tortured dresses. I am highly suspicious of old men buying tons of clothes in all sizes at thrift stores. I assume they are buying simply to resell on the internet. I hate greedy eBay re-sellers, I gave him a serious STANK eye and, yes, I made him move his huge stash of dresses out of the section of size mediums. But I digress.

My HUGE score was a…drumroll please…a Liberty of London for Target floral halter dress in mint condition for $7.99!! Now, this is a super adorable dress that I was so stoked to find as I completely missed the Liberty for Target extravaganza in 2010. I LOVE this dress…the poppy print is whimsical and perfect for our late Indian Summer here in the SF Bay Area. I love the details such as the ruffle neckline and drawstring waist. I am going to wear this dress for my date at the museum with my hubby. Yay!  Finding this inspired me to search eBay for other Liberty of London for Target items…there were several in my size for a reasonable price, but $7.00 for shipping! See comments regarding greedy eBayers above.

Liberty of London for Target Floral Slip Dress ($7.99)


Neckline detail of Liberty of London for Target Floral Slip Dress ($7.99)

On a used clothes high, I floated across the street to the Goodwill Industries. I regard this particular store as a hidden gem because it doesn’t look like much from the outside but I have found some amazing here (Burberry top for $6 anyone?). Lately, I have been on the lookout for versatile blazers as winter is coming and I am trying to appear professional so my Profs will be willing to provide me letters of recommendation. I went in knowing exactly what I wanted: a tailored blazer in a neutral hue that is flatters my figure with all types of outfits.

I had already gotten a great score at Thrift Town so I really didn’t expect to find exactly what I wanted but I think you know where this is leading…I found exactly what I wanted! My second thrift store score was a great black and white petite sized tailored blazer from the Ann Taylor Factory Store in perfect condition for only $10.99! I had to swallow my pride when I saw the size was a 14P (!), but the fit is loose enough that I will be able to wear a sweater under it and still be comfortable. I love the buttons on this blazer! They are very chic and the tailoring makes it appear very expensive!

Ann Taylor Factory Store Blazer ($10.99)

Back of Ann Taylor Factory Store Blazer ($10.99)

Yay for my Fall 2011 Wardrobe!

Happy Thrifting!



My wishlish: Versace for H&M!!

Hi Beautiful People!!

OMG, OMG, OMG!! It’s finally here!

H&M has released the lookbook for upcoming Versace for H&M line that EVERYONE (and their Mom) has been waiting for.

You think Missoni for Target was a scene…just wait for November 19 when the S**T hits the fan at H&M stores in major cities all over the US.

My heart was pounding in anticipation when I clicked the much anticipated link stating “Lookbook of H&M for Versace Finally Released!” I am really excited to see this collection in real life. There are several items that I want and will try to buy when they come out, and several other pieces that I want but won’t be able to afford! The prices were posted in British Sterling, so rather than try my hand at converting the prices, I will update you all with the price list when it is released in US dollars. :-)

This is what I want (all photos courtesy of Vogue UK):

Versace for H&M Silk Skirt

Versace for H&M PInk Leopard Scarf

Versace for H&M Necklace

Versace for H&M Menswear Leather Belt

Versace for H&M Leather Cuff Bracelet

Versace for H&M Goldtone Bracelet

and here is the stuff I want but (very likely) can’t afford (photos courtesy of Vogue UK):

Versace for H&M Leather Jacket! (swoon)

Versace for H&M Black Leather Handbag (double swoon!)

Versace for H&M LBD

Ok, I know what you are thinking…”you will be lucky you get ANYTHING with how fabulous this collection is!”

…and, you know what, you’re right! I am completely realistic that I likely will not get anything and it will sell out before I set foot in an H&M.

However, I am considering popping a tent in front of the H&M in Downtown SF!

Anyone care to join me?

Happy Versace-ing!



Fall 2011 Hot Trend Patterned Tights

Hi Beautiful People!

Todays posting is dedicated a fabulous Fall 2011 trend: patterned tights. As I have preached several times before, NEVER spend tons of money on trends such as this…save your money for classic pieces that can be worn all seasons for the rest of your life (0r the life of the garment).

Currently, I am attending San Francisco State University (SFSU) and let me tell you that EVERYDAY IS A RUNWAY at SFSU! Yes, I know, I completely belong there.

One of the most fab-u-lous ladies in my department (shout out to Meredith) had on the most ADORABLE pair of tights in class yesterday. I nearly snatched them directly off her shaply legs. I also loved how she paired the tights: calf-high boots and a navy blue floral knit dress. She is too pretty.

Anyways, when I accosted her to learn more about her great toilette, I was overjoyed to learn that her tights were from Forever 21! We both gushed over the great (um, affordable) accessories, both reminding each other that F21 can def be ‘hit or miss.’ Onto the fabulous tights!

When I navigated to the website I found pairs very similiar to those that Meredith was wearing: the Floral Lace Tights adn the Lace Knit Tights. I love the subtle-ness of them! They are just enough without being too much!

Forever 21 Floral Lace Tights ($6.80)


Close-up of Forever 21 Floral Lace Tights ($6.80)


Forever 21 Lace Knit Tights ($5.80)


Forever 21 Lace Knit Tights ($5.80)


Both pairs come in several other colors! I highly encourage you to browse through the rest of the Forever 21 tights, because there are many, many more fabulous styles!

What I love most about these tights is the price! Less than $7 for each pair!

Happy Accessorizing!



How would you wear it? (ZigZag Sleeveless Sweater)

Hi Beautiful People!

Yesterday I wore a great casual outfit that I want to share with you.

I paired my new Missoni for Target sleeveless sweater with a pale pink button down, my Citizens of Humanity jeans, and Gucci patent leather loafers. I wore some awesome peacock earrings from H&M athought you can’t really see them in the picture.

How would you wear it??

Missoni for Target Sweater $29

J.Crew Pink button down (final sale clearance) $20.99

Gucci Loafers (Used–consignment shop) $20

Citizens of Humanity jeans (Used–Goodwill) $16.99

Peacock Earrings from H&M $5.99

Total cost: less than $100!! Yay!



Adorable but EXPENSIVE & Synthetic Boots for Fall 2011

HI Beautiful People!

This morning I was browsing through my usual fashion websites and I found an amazing pair of boots…but there are some serious problems.

The boots are in the Karen Elson for Nine West Vintage America Collection and they are ador-a-ble. The Moonlight boots are black lace-up with low heel and a bit of shimmer.

Karen Elson for Nine West Vintage America Moonlight Boot ($198)

Did you notice the price? ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY NINE DOLLARS for a shoe made from synthetic materials. That is highway robbery!!

Am I cheap and out of touch? Would you pay over $200 (with tax) for a pair of vinyl booties?




Sofia by Sofia Vergara for Kmart (Review)

Hi Beautiful People!

Todays posting is dedicated to the new Sofia by Sofia Vergara for Kmart clothing line. If you would’ve asked me about this clothing line yesterday, I would have snorted and laughed my ass off. Personally, I haven’t stepped foot in a Kmart dressing room since about 1990…think tight-rolled jeans by Jordache and I.O.U sweatshirts.

However, I headed over to Kmart today specifically to review this collection and I was very happily surprised! The clothes are pretty cute…especially for the price, which averages about $20 per piece! Yay for affordable clothes that are also trendy! Another great thing about this line is that it comes in plus sizes (up to XXL).

Sofia by Sofia Vergara for Kmart Kiosk

Sofia by Sofia Vergara for Kmart Price Tags

While browsing through the collection, I chose several items (tops and leggings) that I wanted to try one. I passed on the skirts and dresses…they didn’t look entirely too flattering or pretty. There was a lot of ruching going on…not my favorite style for dresses. Personally, I don’t think ruching is flattering on anyone. I am not a fan of ruching.

Sofia Vergara for Kmart Dresses

Ruched Skirt in the Sofia Vergara for Kmart Line ($24.99)

Sofia Vergara for Kmart Dresses

Sofia Vergara for Kmart Ruched Dress ($29.99)

On the other hand, the tops are surprising cute and flattering! There were several that I will keep my eyes on and revisit when they go on sale. Yes, even at Kmart I have to wait until stuff goes on sale. :)

The Flyaway Cami with Twisted Straps ($22.99) is pretty cute….it also comes in two prints (a green and a pink). IMHO, this cut on a top makes every woman look pregnant, but if you enjoy this style of top you might want to go try this on. I really like the back because it have a slight V-neck, which is a very nice detail. Can you see the tattoo and the farmers tan on my neck? I do work outside for a living.

Sofia Vergara for Kmart Tank ($22.99)

Sofia Vergara for Kmart Tank-view of the back ($22.99)

Another garment in the line that I tried on are the Ruched Lace Print Leggings ($16.99). The fabric is pretty thin on these leggings and I am not crazy about the ruching but the print is super cute! I wish these were a bit heavier fabric and didn’t have the ruching…

Sofia Vergara for Kmart Leggings ($16.99)

My absolute favorite pieces that I tried on were the sleeveless cowl neck tanks (in animal print and black) and the animal print T-shirt with sequins details.

First of all, I LOVE the cowl neck top! It is flattering and modest enough to wear to work or school. It is 100% polyester (and I HATE that type of fabric), but I will make an exception for this top. I love the detailing at the collar and for the low price of $22.99 this shirt is adorable! I liked it so much I tried it on in both animal print and black! Those white dots are on the mirror, not the shirt. I assumed they are spitballs. :-)

Sofia Vergara for Kmart Cowl Neck Tank ($22.99)

Sofia Vergara for Kmart Cowl Neck Tank ($22.99)

The final item I tried on was the animal print t-shirt with sequins details. I actually really liked this shirt as well…it is a cotton/poly blend and pretty lightweight (I would need a cami under it), but it is super cute! Again, this top is very affordable at a mere $16.99! LOVE this! This one definitely deserves an honorable mention!

Animal Print T-shirt in the Sofia Vergara for Kmart ($16.99)

Animal Print T-shirt in the Sofia Vergara for Kmart ($16.99)

As I mentioned above, I will wait until the line goes on sale to decide it I will purchase anything, but I really liked the shirts that I tried on.

As I checked out with my cat food, I told the cashier how impressed I was with the cuteness of the clothes in the Sophia line. She mentioned that she also liked the handbags in the collection. Thus my ears decieve me? Handbags you say?…I had to check them out! I liked the small brown purse (below)…especially at only $20! It was 25% off while I was there too! It comes in purple and black as well.

Sofia Vergara for Kmart Handbag ($19.99)

The moral of the story is don’t discount Kmart…they do actually sell cute clothes!

I never thought I would say this but good job Sofia Vergara and Kmart!




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