Upcoming Designer Collab: Prabal Gurung for TARGET

Hello Beautiful People!

Yesterday, I was completely floored to read that Tarjay’s next designer collab is none other than…..(drumroll please)….PRABAL GURUNG!

Only a few details have been released so far, including the release date for mid March 2013.

Read more about it on Huffington Post. I am not crazy about the outfit in the photo but there might be a few wearable pieces in the collection!



A Sweater for All Seasons!

Hi Beautiful People!

Last week I went shopping with a friend in Walnut Creek. I love going to WC because it is very upscale compared to what I am used to. We headed over to Loft because there was a fab skirt I saw online that I wanted but alas it was sold out in stores. The skirt is now sold out online as well. Damn, I have good taste.

As luck would have it, Loft had a 40% off already reduced prices sale, which I was very excited about!! My plan was to get tops/sweaters/blouses because I can’t wear grubby t-shirts to work anymore. Believe me, this is both good and bad. But, I digress.

I happily rifled through the clearance rack in the petite section in Loft and picked out a few things to try on. After I fitted a few too big peasant blouses and a “too short for work” skirt, I went back to see if I missed anything.

It was then that I found what I feel is a fantastic sweater that can be worn for most of the year. Maybe it is because I am living in California, but I love a short sleeved sweater. I found a gorgeous beige sweater with a bit of gold thread glinting here and there in the yarn. Three buttons located at the back of the collar and a slightly longer hemline in the back make the sweater current. I love this top! I feel that it is versatile, can be worn with a variety of bottoms, and can be dressy or casual.

Ann Taylor Loft $17.99 on clearance

Ann Taylor Loft $17.99 on clearance

I scored this fantastic sweater for only $18!



Allure Magazine 2012 Best of Beauty

Hi Beautiful People!

Today I am discussing the Allure Magazine Best of Beauty list, which is something I wait all year for. Actually, the best of beauty issue is probably the reason I continue to subscribe to Allure as beauty magazines can be terribly repetitive…and they try to brainwash you. But that is a whole different posting. :-)

The entire Best of Beauty list is about a bazillion pages long and covers all of the critical topics including eye makeup, hair product, lipsticks, skin cleanser/moisturizers, fragrance, nails, foundation/powder, body wash/lotions, and a few special topics like sensitive skin, luxury schwag, natural products, guys stuff (ahem, metrosexual?) and my favorite section…Cheap Thrills.

This years best of beauty list features products that I am already using but also a few new ones that I now want to try out. There are three products on the list that I already have in my bathroom. The Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle ($3.25) conditioner is a must have in your shower. I am using expensive Redkin shampoo/conditioner right now but I still use the Aussie once a week just for hydration. My Mom sent me a Revlon Crazy Shine to Go Nail Buffer ($3.99) as a gift a while ago and I love this product. When I am occasionally able to quit biting my nails I love to use the Crazy Shine Buffer because your  nails just gleam. Finally, the Neutrogena Makeup Removing Towelette are great. I really love the oil-free version for those late nights when I am just too lazy to wash my face.

I was so excited to discover some new products on the list that I am really interested in trying. Lately, there has been a lot of hype about the new BB cream. (What is BB Cream?) So, I was happy to see the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream ($8.99) on the list. I have to check to see if it is oil free (doubtful) and, if so, I will try it. As a child of the 1980s, Wet n’ Wild brand has a special place in my heart. I really want to try the Wet n Wild MegaGlo Illuminating Powder ($3.99). I am always up for trying a new hand cream so I want to check out the St. Ives Naturally Smooth Hand Cream ($2.99). Finally, it is serendipitous that the list includes the Essence Liquid Ink Eyeliner ($2.99) because I have been pondering testing liquid eyeliner again. I have been an ardent pencil eyeliner type for ages but I want to try something new. It has been so long since I had a liquid eyeliner that I had no idea where to start. I can definitely afford to splurge on trying a $2.99 tube.

Ladies, the products that I mention here are just a few of the gems on the Allure Best of Beauty Cheap Thrills List. I highly recommend clicking through the entire list.



New Favorite: Old Navy Animal Print Cardigan

Hi Beautiful People!

A month or so ago I bought a couple sweaters and a pair of jeans online from Old Navy. Well, the stuff didn’t fit (NONE of it), so I alas I had to do what every shopper dreads: RETURN/EXCHANGE.  ::SCREAMS:: Needless to say I was NOT happy.

I went in fully expecting a poor experience that would leave me hating life and never wanting to enter Old Navy again. This was sad to me because I have recently re-discovered Old Navy as a mecca for trendy items that you are not totally convinced are right for you but you buy anyways only to discover it was all a horrible mistake. Yes, I have also been known to make questionable purchases of the trendy item from the sale rack in a color that would flatter no one. dammit. Old Navy is great because you won’t break the bank while making those trendy but questionable purchases. But, I digress.

While I was in the store I learned that I really do not like Old Navy jeans. BUT I really do like some of the tops and sweaters. My favorite item that I got on the exchange that day was a crew neck cardigan in cream and beige animal print. I absolutely LOVE this sweater. It is warm and comfy, it washes beautifully and the buttons are spaced correctly. I hate it when the buttons are spaced wrong and the blouse/sweater gapes in the wrong spot as to show the world your two best girls.

Button Front Stretch Sweater in Brown Animal ($24.94)

I highly recommend this sweater to all who are looking for a versatile sweater that can be worn anywhere. I am considering buying the red one as well!

Finally, I was happily surprised that the exchange process was simple and quick. Thanks Old Navy!



P.S. Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic is offering 30% your entire purchase with code THANKYOU until Oct 2. Happy shopping!

New/Old Coach Handbag Love <3

Hi Beautiful People!!

Lately I have really been coveting the Legacy Collection from Coach handbags. The bags in this collection are classic with a modern update and for the first time I am seriously asking myself is it ok to spend $300 or $400 on a leather handbag?” It is a rhetorical question that I do not have the answer to at this time. ;-)

As a way to quench the lust for a new/old Coach bag, I took my vintage black coach shoulder bag into a leather shop to be restored. It was very faded and needed to be reconditioned. A little background on this purse…I bought it in 2003 or ’04 at a little consignment shop in Manteno, Illinois that has since closed. The bag was $40, which was an absolute steal even at the time. So I grabbed it. Ever since I have been telling myself I am going to get it conditioned. I finally convince myself that I have the extra money and time so I get a recommendation and head to the One Stop Shoe Care store in Lafayette, Ca. I paid $20 less than another quote I received from a leather repair shop in the same area. Yay!

Reconditioned Coach Handbag (front view)

Reconditioned Coach Handbag (Inside)

Reconditioned Coach Handbag (Back)

Free Coach Tag for a newly reconditioned bag! Thank you SunValley Coach Store.

While I was in that area of the world I decided to stop by the Sun Valley Mall and take a look at the Legacy Collection at the Coach Store in person. OK, I was planning on going to the mall the whole time. I have to say the Legacy Collection did not disappoint. I will take one of each please!

I adore the Leather Legacy Duffle in Black Cherry ($348). Ladies, I am telling you this bag is divine. It is a little too large for my frame though. I don’t really need a bag this huge. Honestly, I would love a  bag in between the medium and the Minnie size that goes for $198. But, I digress. I really love the black cherry color because it is closest to the wonderful red coach bags I remember from the 80s and 90s. I wish Coach carried more bags in this particular shade because it is gorgeous!

However, I think my absolute favorite is the New Willis in Carnelian & Brass. I want this bag and I am officially saving up to buy it. My very stylish and beautiful friend Raquel has the New Willis Colorblock in Navy/Ivory–it is absolutely gorgeous. She highly recommends it as just the perfect size purse.

As I started digging on the internet to try to learn more about the bag I just had reconditioned I found a lot of resources on how to determine authenticity of Coach bags. The best resource I found was a fellow blogger on WordPress. This post on how to authenticate a Coach bag is one of the best I have seen and has lots of photos.

Another interesting tidbit of information is that according to the blogosphere the Coach Stores really NEVER have sales. The old inventory goes directly to the outlet malls rather than goes on sale. Did I ever mention there is a Coach Outlet store at the Premium Outlet Malls in Vacaville Ca?



ISO: The Perfect Camisole

HI Beautiful People!

As my style matures I realize that less is more when it comes to showing skin. (yes, young lady it is a truth.)

As a result, I have been delving deeper into the world of underclothes that can help conceal what I would rather not share. And with these DDs there is a lot to cover.

My current obsession is camisoles and lately I am rarely without one. As such, I have been trying cami’s and tank tops from several different stores to see which ones are the best fit. So far I have tried camis’/tanks from Target, Walmart, JCPenny, Old Navy, Gap, and JCrew. Seriously I wear one about everyday so I have a lot of them. Plus some can double as tank tops so they are a bit more versatile. I was disappointed when one of the JCrew tanks had a run in it after one wash. The JCPenny tanks were actually a bit too heavy.

My biggest problem with tank tops is length. Lately they have been WAY too long because of the layering top trend (particularly the old navy brand). But this doesn’t work well for me because I am so short and I don’t really have any torso to speak of. In defense of Old Navy I bought the regular sized ones. So far the best camisole tank I have found is from the petite sized tanks from the Gap that I bought on a 30%off online purchases sale.

Any other brands that I should try?



Thrift Store Score Spring 2012 Edition

Hi Beautiful People!

Spring has almost arrived here in California and this season it means pretty prints and pastels. I was so excited to see mint green, light pink and yellows all over the March & April issues of Vogue. Mrs. FFF has been seriously watching her pennies lately,  so I had the perfect opportunity to splurge a couple of weeks ago at the Goodwill Industries 50% off clothes and shoes Presidents Day sale!

Hubby and I went together because he loves a good deal just like me. I have to say that we made out like bandits that day. Hubby got a pair of brand new New Balance running shoes in all black (his fav type of sneakers) with Ross Dress for Less price tags for $12.50 after the 50% off discount. He was super excited because he wears a size 13 shoe and he never finds cheap shoes anywhere. Not to mention he actually wears these shoes, they do not just sit in his closet. So, he got a bit of karma early that saturday morning.

New Balance Mens shoes $12.50 (sz 13)

I also scored a couple of GREAT blazers, which is a garment I feel I need to add more of to my wardrobe. I found an excellent Anne Klein black  blazer in a petite size (which exact size I will keep to myself). The blazer is a huge score because it is all black and in great condition. I was super excited to add this coat to my collection because it is such a basic piece that will never go out of style. Plus, the sleeves are not too long. I wore this great blazer to my most recent job interview. I believe my outfit had a lot to do with me getting the job…along with my stunning intellect and wit. just kidding! Oh, did I mention the jacket was $5.50 after the 50% discount! :-)

Anne Klein Suits Blazer $5.50 (petite size)

Anne Klein blazer

The best item that I found is an ADOR-able mint green wool blazer with a beaded flower detail on the lapel from Old Navy (of all retailers). The beads are iridescent mostly tube beads accented with a sprinkling of seed beads. I fell in love with this jacket instantly and was just tickled to see that it was a size L to fit over my current Rubin-esque figure. The jacket was snug when I tried it on but for the very low price of $5.50 after the 50% discount, I bit the bullet and asked hubby to buy it for me. I wore it a few times and I just love it. I have to roll up the sleeves, but honestly I don’t really care–rolling sleeves can be charming in its own way.

Mint Green Blazer from Old Navy $5.50

Mint Green Blazer Floral Detail on Lapel

Thrift Store Score!!



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