New/Old Coach Handbag Love <3

Hi Beautiful People!!

Lately I have really been coveting the Legacy Collection from Coach handbags. The bags in this collection are classic with a modern update and for the first time I am seriously asking myself is it ok to spend $300 or $400 on a leather handbag?” It is a rhetorical question that I do not have the answer to at this time. ;-)

As a way to quench the lust for a new/old Coach bag, I took my vintage black coach shoulder bag into a leather shop to be restored. It was very faded and needed to be reconditioned. A little background on this purse…I bought it in 2003 or ’04 at a little consignment shop in Manteno, Illinois that has since closed. The bag was $40, which was an absolute steal even at the time. So I grabbed it. Ever since I have been telling myself I am going to get it conditioned. I finally convince myself that I have the extra money and time so I get a recommendation and head to the One Stop Shoe Care store in Lafayette, Ca. I paid $20 less than another quote I received from a leather repair shop in the same area. Yay!

Reconditioned Coach Handbag (front view)

Reconditioned Coach Handbag (Inside)

Reconditioned Coach Handbag (Back)

Free Coach Tag for a newly reconditioned bag! Thank you SunValley Coach Store.

While I was in that area of the world I decided to stop by the Sun Valley Mall and take a look at the Legacy Collection at the Coach Store in person. OK, I was planning on going to the mall the whole time. I have to say the Legacy Collection did not disappoint. I will take one of each please!

I adore the Leather Legacy Duffle in Black Cherry ($348). Ladies, I am telling you this bag is divine. It is a little too large for my frame though. I don’t really need a bag this huge. Honestly, I would love a  bag in between the medium and the Minnie size that goes for $198. But, I digress. I really love the black cherry color because it is closest to the wonderful red coach bags I remember from the 80s and 90s. I wish Coach carried more bags in this particular shade because it is gorgeous!

However, I think my absolute favorite is the New Willis in Carnelian & Brass. I want this bag and I am officially saving up to buy it. My very stylish and beautiful friend Raquel has the New Willis Colorblock in Navy/Ivory–it is absolutely gorgeous. She highly recommends it as just the perfect size purse.

As I started digging on the internet to try to learn more about the bag I just had reconditioned I found a lot of resources on how to determine authenticity of Coach bags. The best resource I found was a fellow blogger on WordPress. This post on how to authenticate a Coach bag is one of the best I have seen and has lots of photos.

Another interesting tidbit of information is that according to the blogosphere the Coach Stores really NEVER have sales. The old inventory goes directly to the outlet malls rather than goes on sale. Did I ever mention there is a Coach Outlet store at the Premium Outlet Malls in Vacaville Ca?



Thrift Store Score: Opening Reception Dress

Hi Beautiful People!!

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of heading over to Rags to Riches my most favorite-est consignment shop outside of San Francisco. It was time for me to drop off a load of fall/winter clothes and check on the new inventory. Yay!

A little background on Rags to Riches…I began coming here a few years ago because I had tons of clothes that didn’t fit me anymore and I didn’t want to just give them to the thrift store. I had been turned down at shops in SF and Berkeley (snobs) so I gave a last ditch effort at Rags to Riches in Benicia Ca and they agreed to consign nearly all my stuff. I actually find a lot of clothes to buy here too. The best part of the store is the used handbags in the counters up front. Remy has some of the most wonderful bags on consignment. I am still kicking myself that I passed on a lovely pink Kate Spade bag I saw there a while ago. Did I ever tell you how I accidentally left my prescription Coach eyeglasses in my bag of clothes that I left there to consign? Thank the goddess that Remy had someone call me. When I got there my glasses had a $25 price tag on them–yeah, those glasses were about $400 retail price. Ack! I am so thankful to the staff that they contacted me. But I digress.

I had a bunch of winter/fall clothes stashed for a while so I was super excited that I was finally able to unload them. I brought in my Missoni galoshes that never did fit me correctly, corduroys, two coats, shoes, skirts, etc. I was super excited that they took everything except for two garments! I agree, those items were pretty worn. So, I was happy with my haul. I headed over to the dresses and skirts just to browse. While I was still at the beginning of the rack I saw this gorg navy and tan fabric peeking out in the middle/back of the rack. I calmly continued to leaf through the rack until I came upon the mysterious lovely fabric.

The garment turned out to be a wonderful tank dress from Banana Republic….in my size. Honestly, I had not planned on buying anything that day because I had just got rid of a bunch of stuff. But I couldn’t help trying this wonderful dress on. Did I mention that it was my size but in a petite?!?! I convinced myself that it wouldn’t fit just so I wouldnt be disappointed but voila! it zipped up perfectly and will look even BETTER once I get on those Spanx! ;-)

I knew immediately this was the dress that I would wear to the opening reception for the new exhibit at the local history museum where I have recently been hired(!).

Opening Reception Dress from Banana Republic ($20)

Opening Reception Dress from Banana Republic ($20)

So what I am a brand whore?

Did I mention this dress was only $TWENTY DOLLARS$?!?! I only looked at the price after I tried it on and wanted it. Even Ms. FFF can afford a  $20 dollar dress! Yes, I know it is terribly wrinkled but

I am going to pair the dress with a short sleeved cropped white shrug and a wonderful pair of Kenneth Cole black heels I got at the Crossroads Trading in Berkeley. I am on the lookout for a new white shrug starting….now.

Black Heels by Kenneth Cole Reaction ($20)

Whaddya think of my new outfit?

Have a wonderful week!



Thrift Store Score Spring 2012 Edition

Hi Beautiful People!

Spring has almost arrived here in California and this season it means pretty prints and pastels. I was so excited to see mint green, light pink and yellows all over the March & April issues of Vogue. Mrs. FFF has been seriously watching her pennies lately,  so I had the perfect opportunity to splurge a couple of weeks ago at the Goodwill Industries 50% off clothes and shoes Presidents Day sale!

Hubby and I went together because he loves a good deal just like me. I have to say that we made out like bandits that day. Hubby got a pair of brand new New Balance running shoes in all black (his fav type of sneakers) with Ross Dress for Less price tags for $12.50 after the 50% off discount. He was super excited because he wears a size 13 shoe and he never finds cheap shoes anywhere. Not to mention he actually wears these shoes, they do not just sit in his closet. So, he got a bit of karma early that saturday morning.

New Balance Mens shoes $12.50 (sz 13)

I also scored a couple of GREAT blazers, which is a garment I feel I need to add more of to my wardrobe. I found an excellent Anne Klein black  blazer in a petite size (which exact size I will keep to myself). The blazer is a huge score because it is all black and in great condition. I was super excited to add this coat to my collection because it is such a basic piece that will never go out of style. Plus, the sleeves are not too long. I wore this great blazer to my most recent job interview. I believe my outfit had a lot to do with me getting the job…along with my stunning intellect and wit. just kidding! Oh, did I mention the jacket was $5.50 after the 50% discount! :-)

Anne Klein Suits Blazer $5.50 (petite size)

Anne Klein blazer

The best item that I found is an ADOR-able mint green wool blazer with a beaded flower detail on the lapel from Old Navy (of all retailers). The beads are iridescent mostly tube beads accented with a sprinkling of seed beads. I fell in love with this jacket instantly and was just tickled to see that it was a size L to fit over my current Rubin-esque figure. The jacket was snug when I tried it on but for the very low price of $5.50 after the 50% discount, I bit the bullet and asked hubby to buy it for me. I wore it a few times and I just love it. I have to roll up the sleeves, but honestly I don’t really care–rolling sleeves can be charming in its own way.

Mint Green Blazer from Old Navy $5.50

Mint Green Blazer Floral Detail on Lapel

Thrift Store Score!!




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