15% off Entire Purchase at Sephora (ends April 5)

Hello Beautiful People!

Exciting things are happening at your local Sephora store!  If you don’t already know, Sephora is a veritable Mecca of designer beauty products and fragrances. I only discovered Sephora in about 2007 when a co-worker provided me with a recommendation for DiorShow Mascara (Loved it, BTW). I became a life-long Sephora shopper about four minutes after I entered the store for the first time. Sephora is where beauty product mavens like myself go to heaven. So, if you haven’t already been, your homework is to head on out to your nearest Sephora to browse. Mini Sephora stores are now located in selected JCPenny stores for your shopping convenience.

The super exciting news is those of us who hold a Sephora Beauty Insider card can enjoy 15% off our entire purchase (in stores and online) in honor of Chic Week (ends April 5). I absolutely love this sale because lets face it…the vast majority of high-end designer products and fragrances NEVER GO ON SALE. If you don’t have a Beauty Insider card, I recommend that you sign up immediately if only for this once a year sale.

I have had my eye on a new set of parfumes for several months. I prefer mini bottles of fragrance because the scent in parfume goes stale after it sits on your dresser for a long time. I like to buy the small ones and use them up so the scent never turns stale. So yesterday I headed out to my local Sephora and purchased the Tocca Eau de Parfume Viaggio set of three fragrances!

Tocca Viaggio Eau de Parfume set ($45 original price)

It is really a huge splurge for me right now but I justified it by reminding myself that the sale only takes place once a year. Ok, I do feel guilty but I asked hubby and he encouraged me to buy it. :-)

While I was browsing around in the store I found an absolutely DIVINE hand cream. I was also able to justify purchasing this because it had a limited edition fragrance label (I always fall for this marketing ploy!)….and I am trying AGAIN to stop biting my nails once and for all. Nail biting has been a lifelong struggle for me.

L’occitane is famous for their 20% shea butter hand cream and the reputation is well earned. I sampled the Desert Rose fragrance early on in my visit and then went back to find a tube to purchase. When I couldn’t find the desert rose scent in the display, I took the liberty of opening the stock drawer below and pawing through the bin of lotions until I found what might have been the last one in the Desert Rose scent. The feel of this hand cream is fabulous and the scent is just so pretty. I couldn’t help myself. (apologize for the xtra small image…couldn’t find a larger one!)

Another great thing about Sephora is extravagant SAMPLES. I cashed in some Beauty Insider points and received two samples: an Ojon deep conditioner and a fancy Shaving Cream for hubby. The cashier also slipped me a Givenchy and a Emilio Puccini fragrance sample.I went into the store for the perfumes and only fell prey to one additional impulse buy! Yay!




What is your favorite shampoo from the drugstore?

Hi Beautiful People!

Today I am here to ask the readership for some advice! As I have mentioned before I have always been slightly obsessed with my hair.

Right now, I am suffering from the economic crisis and am pinching pennies in every way possible. I am sure things will look up soon (hopefully in time for Jason Wu for Target!), but for the present I am not spending a lot of money on beauty products.

Which leads me to my topic for the day…What is YOUR favorite drugstore shampoo? I really want to hear from the readers on this so please take a second to leave a comment on your favorite affordable shampoo.

My hair is ULTRA thin and fine with just enough curl to make it frizz out if I don’t use product and/or heat to straighten it out. Unfortunatley, the heat and product wreck havoc on the ends of my super fine hair so I am forever battling split ends. Often, I end up trimming the ends of my hair over the sink between visits to the salon, just so my ends don’t look terribly frizzy.

In my lifetime I have tried TONS of different shampoo’s from the cheapest (White Rain, anyone?) to some pricey brands like Federic Fekkai (love!).  But I have yet to have a tried and true ‘favorite’ shampoo that I like and, more importantly, can afford on a daily basis. Besides, $25 for an 8 oz. bottle of shampoo is really outrageously expensive, right? Ugh, totally expensive.

So, here I am asking for your advice on which shampoo I should try next. The brands I have already tried include:

–Herbal Essences (for long hair)

–Pantene (for fine hair)

–Finesse (for normal hair–I wish I could find the Finesse volumizing shampoo in the stores but it is only avail online)

–Garnier (for fine hair)

–Suave Rosemary Mint (my husband’s shampoo!)

So, what kind of drugstore shampoo do you recommend?






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