Fall 2011 Hot Trend Patterned Tights

Hi Beautiful People!

Todays posting is dedicated a fabulous Fall 2011 trend: patterned tights. As I have preached several times before, NEVER spend tons of money on trends such as this…save your money for classic pieces that can be worn all seasons for the rest of your life (0r the life of the garment).

Currently, I am attending San Francisco State University (SFSU) and let me tell you that EVERYDAY IS A RUNWAY at SFSU! Yes, I know, I completely belong there.

One of the most fab-u-lous ladies in my department (shout out to Meredith) had on the most ADORABLE pair of tights in class yesterday. I nearly snatched them directly off her shaply legs. I also loved how she paired the tights: calf-high boots and a navy blue floral knit dress. She is too pretty.

Anyways, when I accosted her to learn more about her great toilette, I was overjoyed to learn that her tights were from Forever 21! We both gushed over the great (um, affordable) accessories, both reminding each other that F21 can def be ‘hit or miss.’ Onto the fabulous tights!

When I navigated to the website I found pairs very similiar to those that Meredith was wearing: the Floral Lace Tights adn the Lace Knit Tights. I love the subtle-ness of them! They are just enough without being too much!

Forever 21 Floral Lace Tights ($6.80)


Close-up of Forever 21 Floral Lace Tights ($6.80)


Forever 21 Lace Knit Tights ($5.80)


Forever 21 Lace Knit Tights ($5.80)


Both pairs come in several other colors! I highly encourage you to browse through the rest of the Forever 21 tights, because there are many, many more fabulous styles!

What I love most about these tights is the price! Less than $7 for each pair!

Happy Accessorizing!



Josie Natorie Lingerie for Target

Hi Beautiful People!

Lets all agree that the Missoni for Target line was a debacle to say the least. In my best Desi Arnez voice “Luuuuccccy, you got some ‘splainin to do!”

The Missoni launch was such a disaster I have been reluctant to talk about their next designer collaboration…but here goes. Moral of the story: Please learn from your mistakes Target!!

Luxury lingerie designer Josie Natori is doing a line of bras, panties, camis, sleepwear, loungewear, and chemises for us girl on a budget. Lets hope the bras come in ALL sizes not just 32A to 36C…have I mentioned that I wear a DD cup size?

Target and Ms. Natori released a short video advertizing the line. According to the Natori Insider website:

We are pleased to announce our exciting Target partnership launching this October.  This collaboration marks Target’s first limited-edition collection of lingerie and loungewear.  Josie Natori for Target carries our signature East-meets-West aesthetic into a stylish line of bras, panties, sleepwear, loungewear, camis and chemises at great prices. The collection will be available in two installments at most Target stores and Target.com. The first installment will be available Oct. 30 to Dec. 25, 2011, and the second installment will be available Jan. 1 through Feb. 26, 2012.”

Ms. Natori promises us: “a collection filled with delicate pieces that truly reflect my East-meets-West style.” Prices will range from $9.99 to $34.99.”

Josie Natori for Target (Photo Courtesy of Target)

Something tells me there won’t be as much demand for this line as with previous lines, but still Target could do a little better.

I am looking forward to seeing the collection…I hope the material is high quality and pretty! I also hope the collection will be available in a VARIETY OF SIZES (HINT, HINT). Because not all of us are a size 2/4/6, right??






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