Fabulous Fall Trench Coat

Hi Beautiful People!

Can you feel the chill in the air? Some of us can, but not so much here on the West Coast. However, as it is nearly halfway into October there is now a valid excuse to begin shopping for new fall/winter clothes!

Today I am sharing with you a wonderful trench coat from GAP that retails for $128. Ok, I will admit that I have been a little obsessed with Gap since the Academy Blazer snafu but I am working through it. While I was continually checking the website to see if it was available during sales this wonderful Classic Trench Coat caught my eye. Hubby bought me a gorgeous wool coat several years ago that I promptly, ahem, outgrew. I refuse to consign that coat; it is so nice. sigh. But, I digress.

I tried this coat on when I was at the mall last week and I really liked it. The coat is not lined but that is fine with me since I often wear a cardigan or sweater during the winter. It is also available in petite/tall!!

Gap Classic Trench Coat ($128)

If you are really interested in purchasing this jacket, I suggest you sign up for the Gap email list. I did and it seems to me that they have a 30% off sale with a code about every other week. Plus, Gap offers free shipping for orders over $50! Hubby ordered this jacket for me during a 30% off sale and it ended up being less than $100!

Happy Fall!!




FierceFrugalFashion Fail

Hi Beautiful People!

How are you all doing? I hope everyone in the blogosphere is well. I must admit that I have been longing to blog again for some time.

Fall is one of the most fun times of year for fashion: the September issue of Vogue is like a huge directory of the most popular designers AND there are TONS of sales for end of summer and back to school. I have always loved fall for this reason.

So, in late august I was absolutely delighted to receive a coupon for 40% of any one regular priced garment at the Gap. I have always loved Gap but it seems like their prices have increased while quality has gone down like every store in America so I am loath to pay $70-$80 for one pair of jeans. However, a coupon for 40% off that pair of jeans is a whole ‘nother story.

I hightailed my behind over to the closest store and while I was browsing I tried on the Twill Academy Blazer ($88) in brown. I don’t have a photo because it is no longer available. I tried on the curvy jeans ($70) and loved them. The jeans ended up being about $44 with tax, which was a great deal. Yay!

However, I couldn’t stop thinking of the blazer that would have been $53 with my 40% off coupon. I began to wonder if I was too hasty in my choice of using the coupon for the jeans over the blazer. I was then super excited to received an email that Gap was having a 30% off total purchase online only sale. BUT the blazer was not longer listed on the website. I happened to be at Sephora (I use any excuse to get here-I love the smell of the store) and convinced my hubby to let me run into Gap. The next part is the most tragic–get out your tissues ladies.

As I walk into the store, the sales associate says ‘hi nearly everything in the store is on sale! can I help you find…?” He directed me toward the blazers up front and low and behold–they had one blazer left. In. My. Size. This was likely the very blazer I had already tried on. The sign on the rack was 30% off dresses…but coats were not on sale. I said no thank you and left the store. Because I am stubborn.

The moral of the story is places like Gap, Banana Republic, JCrew, Old Navy will always have more jeans, so coupons should be used strategically for those classic pieces that sell out quickly…like COATS. Now I am certain I should have bought the blazer I wanted when I had it in my hands and it was $53. I could have gotten jeans at any one of those subsequent sales. By that time the classic brown blazer had already sold out even though it never even officially went on sale.

I hope gained some blazer karma that will bring me a better one soon. :-)



Thrift Store Score Spring 2012 Edition

Hi Beautiful People!

Spring has almost arrived here in California and this season it means pretty prints and pastels. I was so excited to see mint green, light pink and yellows all over the March & April issues of Vogue. Mrs. FFF has been seriously watching her pennies lately,  so I had the perfect opportunity to splurge a couple of weeks ago at the Goodwill Industries 50% off clothes and shoes Presidents Day sale!

Hubby and I went together because he loves a good deal just like me. I have to say that we made out like bandits that day. Hubby got a pair of brand new New Balance running shoes in all black (his fav type of sneakers) with Ross Dress for Less price tags for $12.50 after the 50% off discount. He was super excited because he wears a size 13 shoe and he never finds cheap shoes anywhere. Not to mention he actually wears these shoes, they do not just sit in his closet. So, he got a bit of karma early that saturday morning.

New Balance Mens shoes $12.50 (sz 13)

I also scored a couple of GREAT blazers, which is a garment I feel I need to add more of to my wardrobe. I found an excellent Anne Klein black  blazer in a petite size (which exact size I will keep to myself). The blazer is a huge score because it is all black and in great condition. I was super excited to add this coat to my collection because it is such a basic piece that will never go out of style. Plus, the sleeves are not too long. I wore this great blazer to my most recent job interview. I believe my outfit had a lot to do with me getting the job…along with my stunning intellect and wit. just kidding! Oh, did I mention the jacket was $5.50 after the 50% discount! :-)

Anne Klein Suits Blazer $5.50 (petite size)

Anne Klein blazer

The best item that I found is an ADOR-able mint green wool blazer with a beaded flower detail on the lapel from Old Navy (of all retailers). The beads are iridescent mostly tube beads accented with a sprinkling of seed beads. I fell in love with this jacket instantly and was just tickled to see that it was a size L to fit over my current Rubin-esque figure. The jacket was snug when I tried it on but for the very low price of $5.50 after the 50% discount, I bit the bullet and asked hubby to buy it for me. I wore it a few times and I just love it. I have to roll up the sleeves, but honestly I don’t really care–rolling sleeves can be charming in its own way.

Mint Green Blazer from Old Navy $5.50

Mint Green Blazer Floral Detail on Lapel

Thrift Store Score!!



from the runway section at TJMaxx

Hi Beautiful People!

Today, I made a special trip to the TJ Maxx in Moraga California while running errands. I had heard a rumour that this particular TJMaxx had a ‘from the runway’ section. I have been meaning to check it out for months but I hadn’t given myself the luxury of shopping for fun in a while. So, I treated myself. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to snap photos from this store so you will have to trust me for my word.

When I first arrived in the store I was immediately overcome when I saw a rack of garments from Talbots! I was super excited, especially because the pieces were in very trendy colors including gray and cobalt blue. Tank tops with appropriately places sequins for only $7.99 and adorable cotton spring jackets for $19.99! If you love Talbots like I do, run out to your fav TJ Maxx to see if they got any of this inventory. Love it.

The store in Moraga did indeed have a ‘from the runway’ section and even though it was quite small it had a lot of designer clothing and shoes. Honestly, I only recognized a few of the designers represented including Kate Spade and Escada. I was most impressed with the Kate Spade pumps and sandals ($129.99). I love Kate Spade, but I can hardly ever afford it so I was happy to see it at TJ Maxx. You can find good deals if you sign up for the Kate Spade store emails, but even then the stuff is super expensive. I got a wallet there after christmas on super clearance once. But I digress. I really love Kate Spade jewelry as well and would be so happy to see it at TJ Maxx. I saw several garments with “last runway season” tags while I was browsing around. I will definitely be back to this particular TJMaxx to browse the section.

Does anyone else know where other TJ Maxx stores with from the runway sections are located?



Versace for H&M Strategy for Debut

Hi Beautiful People!

So, there has been a flurry of press this last week leading up to the Versace for H&M debut in the US this coming Saturday Nov 19. My girls at SFSU have been telling me all week about how they heard about it here or there. Im really not happy about all this press…it just means it will be that much harder for me to get anything from this line.

One detail that I just learned is that the clothes will be available in sizes 4-12. So there will be something for our rubenesque friends! The California Girls are the most fortunate as the collection will be carried in a whopping EIGHT stores (two in the SF Bay Area where I live: SF and SanHO!) Also, H&M made me soo happy because they are limiting each customer to TWO of each garment or accessory. At least we won’t find eight of the Versace for H&M neclace we wanted on eBay sold by one seller (I hate those damn ebayers). Customers can only purchase TWO of the same object regardless of the size.

I called the H&M store in Union Square (San Francisco) this past tuesday and was told that the Men’s collection will be public but the women’s  would be in the lingerie and people would be let in by groups by wristband only. Ok. That I can handle. I am willing to get up and wait for more than six hours to get that Versace bracelet that I want. The important thing to note is that ONLY the first 280 individuals in line will receive a wristband to enter the women’s section. Groups will be let in 20 at a time in order of arrival. Yes, I am determined to be one of the 280 in San Francisco. I would like to be in the first group of 20–we’ll see how that goes for me. Click here for the official rules for shopping Versace for H&M the collection.

I believe that I have narrowed my wish list down to several items. I have decided that I absolutely LOVE the Pelle Borchie items in the women’s collection. If I could have my choice I would purchase the black and gold skirt  ($129) and  sleeveless top with the design (never worn together). I will fight for this top ($50) though. OK, so a cotton jersey top for $50 is not entirely fierce frugal fashion..but it is authentic brand-new Versace for crying out loud. Throw me a bone ladies! The other Pelle Borchie top is also chic, subtle, and gorgeous, but also $70 because it is woven silk. I would rather save the $20 to apply for a piece of jewelery (that is fiercefrugalfashion).

Versace for H&M black cotton top ($50)

Versace for H&M silk skirt ($130)

The Pelle Borchie  leather jackets are ABSOLUTEY TO DIE FOR! There is a trench coat and motorcycle jackets in both zipup or button. Of all three I like zipup moto jacket the best. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. However, at $300 I am going to have to pass on this one. I am not necessarily awesome looking in a motorcycle jacket. Besides someone is gonna LOVE this garment more than I ever could.

My very favorite pieces in this collection are the jewelery and handbags. The number one item that I want is the leather bracelet ($40)–I would prefer to have the gold tone and black but I really don’t care, I will be ecstatic if I can get either. I also LOVE the goldtone bracelet ($29). I will probably purchase this too if it is available. Images of both are below.

Versace for H&M Leather Bracelet ($40)

Versace for H&M Goldtone Bracelet ($30)

The rings are also to die for and I am really going to try to get one (available in sizes S, M, L)! The earring look really awesome too. But I want to see them vefore I make my final decision. They may be too big for my delicate ears (ha!)

Versace for H&M Ring ($20)

Versace for H&M Earrings ($20)

I would also really love to have this animal print and pink silk scarf but I am sure those will go super fast. I may even settle for the blue one if it is still available but I seriously doubt I will be able to purchase either.

Versace for H&M Silk Scarf ($30)

Finally, the last items on my wish list is a handbag. However, I really don’t think I will end up buying one because they are soo damn expensive! I am never happy..if the purse is poor quality materials I complain and then when it is nice materials (silk in this case) I complain because it is too expensive. When I am Queen, a girl will be able to get a chic, gorgeous bag of high quality materials for about $50! I am really curious to see these handbags. Below are my two favs. I am not entirely sure about the price on the black bag so I am holding off on that.

Versace for H&M Silk Handbag ($200?!?!)


Versace for H&M Black Handbag

 So there you go! The official FFF wishlist as of two days before the debut. Let’s see what I actually end up with. :-)

I am planning on arriving at the Union Square H&M either the night before (friday) or at 2 or 3 am saturday morning. Yes, I know I am insane! But I just want to experience a large debut like this once in my life. I have the time to do it now so I am gonna bite the bullet and just do it. Do you plan on arriving early on Saturday morning? What is your strategy for buying your favorite pieces? I plan on flying to the accessories first, then checking out the Pelle Borchie second. Afterwards I will go to the men’s cloths to see if the belt is as good as it looks in the photos!

I will let you know how it goes!



Fall 2011 Thrift Store Score II

Hi Beautiful People!

Lately my life has been tres hectic as I have been super busy fostering homeless dogs, applying for much sought after jobs (and subsequently being denied), working on my Museum Studies degree at San Francisco State University, putting out figurative fires for my father, dealing with medical issues, surviving East Bay earthquakes, etc., etc., etc.

So, on Thursday I took a much-needed two hours to do something pleasurable for myself and that is…thrift store shopping!! I headed to the little village of El Sobrante, which is great as the Goodwill Industries and Thrift Town are located across the street from each other. Love Sobro for this reason!

Thrift Town is great because they have a section in the front of the store for ‘Better Clothes.’ This is where they put all the name-brand or designer garments. After perusing through, I decided to go through the dresses even though I am more of a separates girl myself. I am so glad that I fought the good fight with the old man buying about 15 dresses and the tangled hangers of tortured dresses. I am highly suspicious of old men buying tons of clothes in all sizes at thrift stores. I assume they are buying simply to resell on the internet. I hate greedy eBay re-sellers, I gave him a serious STANK eye and, yes, I made him move his huge stash of dresses out of the section of size mediums. But I digress.

My HUGE score was a…drumroll please…a Liberty of London for Target floral halter dress in mint condition for $7.99!! Now, this is a super adorable dress that I was so stoked to find as I completely missed the Liberty for Target extravaganza in 2010. I LOVE this dress…the poppy print is whimsical and perfect for our late Indian Summer here in the SF Bay Area. I love the details such as the ruffle neckline and drawstring waist. I am going to wear this dress for my date at the museum with my hubby. Yay!  Finding this inspired me to search eBay for other Liberty of London for Target items…there were several in my size for a reasonable price, but $7.00 for shipping! See comments regarding greedy eBayers above.

Liberty of London for Target Floral Slip Dress ($7.99)


Neckline detail of Liberty of London for Target Floral Slip Dress ($7.99)

On a used clothes high, I floated across the street to the Goodwill Industries. I regard this particular store as a hidden gem because it doesn’t look like much from the outside but I have found some amazing here (Burberry top for $6 anyone?). Lately, I have been on the lookout for versatile blazers as winter is coming and I am trying to appear professional so my Profs will be willing to provide me letters of recommendation. I went in knowing exactly what I wanted: a tailored blazer in a neutral hue that is flatters my figure with all types of outfits.

I had already gotten a great score at Thrift Town so I really didn’t expect to find exactly what I wanted but I think you know where this is leading…I found exactly what I wanted! My second thrift store score was a great black and white petite sized tailored blazer from the Ann Taylor Factory Store in perfect condition for only $10.99! I had to swallow my pride when I saw the size was a 14P (!), but the fit is loose enough that I will be able to wear a sweater under it and still be comfortable. I love the buttons on this blazer! They are very chic and the tailoring makes it appear very expensive!

Ann Taylor Factory Store Blazer ($10.99)

Back of Ann Taylor Factory Store Blazer ($10.99)

Yay for my Fall 2011 Wardrobe!

Happy Thrifting!




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