Albertus Swanpoel for Target (review)

Hi Beautiful People!

Hats are an accessory that I have yet to discuss in depth on this forum. Now, I super love hats. They were a choice accessory of the young FFF as I used to love to play up the hat in many of my ‘diamond in the rough’ teenage stylings. From a wool beret in black (not raspberry) to the green crocheted cloche I got on junior year choir tour in New Orleans I rocked the hat a lot in high school. It became kind of a signature thing for me as a teenager. One of my favorites was a USA hockey team baseball cap that I swiped from my older brother. Now THAT hat was a babe magnet—the boys loved that one at the indoor soccer field! But, I digress.

Today I am reviewing the Albertus Swanepoel for Target line that is currently available in stores and online. Needless to say because I really love hats I was absolutely stoked to hear that there would be a Target designer with a milliner to the stars.

I am practicing extreme restraint in terms of buying extraneous things (crap) that I don’t really need. So, I could really only convince myself to purchase one hat. Well, I actually bought TWO hats, but I returned one!

The Albertus Swanepoel hat that I purchased and kept was the leopard print fedora with the black iridescent on the band (model Kwele). I really like this hat because it is fashionable and warm. One of my colleagues at school told me it was a ‘jaunty’ hat and I took that as a compliment. Several other hats in this collection were very cute. I recommend you check it out!

Albertus Swanepoel Kwele Hat ($20)

Overall, I really liked this collaboration!




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