25% off Sale Prices at Anthropologie (ends 10/25)

HI Beautiful People!

Ok, my dears.

Anthropologie had a 25% off already reduced sale prices. As I am desperately amassing an appropriate wardrobe for work on a shoe string budget, I was absolutely delighted to receive an email about the sale. Luckily I was off that day, so I ran over to the Anthropologie in Berkeley, only about six miles from my home.

I didn’t really have anything in mind that I wanted so I just browsed. I did find a shirt that I wanted and a dress that I have admired online and ended up getting both! I feel sooo guilty because I have bought a lot of clothes lately. Something tells me I am not the first woman to feel guilty pleasure over buying beautiful clothes for cheap prices. But, I digress.

The dress I bought is absolutely fantastic! I plan on wearing this for when we go out in SF on New Years Eve. I had admired the Avian Myth Shift by Floreat online for a while and was absolutely shocked to see it on the 25% off sale prices rack. Even more surprised that they still had it in size heifer. just a little self deprecating humour. Tongue in cheek of course. ;-)

Avian Myth Shift by Floreat marked down to $59.96 from $158

Avian Myth Shift by Floreat Detail

This fabulous dress was originally $158, but I was able to snag is at $59.96!



Thrift Store Score: Opening Reception Dress

Hi Beautiful People!!

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of heading over to Rags to Riches my most favorite-est consignment shop outside of San Francisco. It was time for me to drop off a load of fall/winter clothes and check on the new inventory. Yay!

A little background on Rags to Riches…I began coming here a few years ago because I had tons of clothes that didn’t fit me anymore and I didn’t want to just give them to the thrift store. I had been turned down at shops in SF and Berkeley (snobs) so I gave a last ditch effort at Rags to Riches in Benicia Ca and they agreed to consign nearly all my stuff. I actually find a lot of clothes to buy here too. The best part of the store is the used handbags in the counters up front. Remy has some of the most wonderful bags on consignment. I am still kicking myself that I passed on a lovely pink Kate Spade bag I saw there a while ago. Did I ever tell you how I accidentally left my prescription Coach eyeglasses in my bag of clothes that I left there to consign? Thank the goddess that Remy had someone call me. When I got there my glasses had a $25 price tag on them–yeah, those glasses were about $400 retail price. Ack! I am so thankful to the staff that they contacted me. But I digress.

I had a bunch of winter/fall clothes stashed for a while so I was super excited that I was finally able to unload them. I brought in my Missoni galoshes that never did fit me correctly, corduroys, two coats, shoes, skirts, etc. I was super excited that they took everything except for two garments! I agree, those items were pretty worn. So, I was happy with my haul. I headed over to the dresses and skirts just to browse. While I was still at the beginning of the rack I saw this gorg navy and tan fabric peeking out in the middle/back of the rack. I calmly continued to leaf through the rack until I came upon the mysterious lovely fabric.

The garment turned out to be a wonderful tank dress from Banana Republic….in my size. Honestly, I had not planned on buying anything that day because I had just got rid of a bunch of stuff. But I couldn’t help trying this wonderful dress on. Did I mention that it was my size but in a petite?!?! I convinced myself that it wouldn’t fit just so I wouldnt be disappointed but voila! it zipped up perfectly and will look even BETTER once I get on those Spanx! ;-)

I knew immediately this was the dress that I would wear to the opening reception for the new exhibit at the local history museum where I have recently been hired(!).

Opening Reception Dress from Banana Republic ($20)

Opening Reception Dress from Banana Republic ($20)

So what I am a brand whore?

Did I mention this dress was only $TWENTY DOLLARS$?!?! I only looked at the price after I tried it on and wanted it. Even Ms. FFF can afford a  $20 dollar dress! Yes, I know it is terribly wrinkled but

I am going to pair the dress with a short sleeved cropped white shrug and a wonderful pair of Kenneth Cole black heels I got at the Crossroads Trading in Berkeley. I am on the lookout for a new white shrug starting….now.

Black Heels by Kenneth Cole Reaction ($20)

Whaddya think of my new outfit?

Have a wonderful week!



Kirna Zabete The Shops at Target REVIEW

Hi Beautiful People!!

Today I am happy to report on the Kirna Zabete collection for The Shops at Target Fall 2012 line. I wasn’t too impressed with the summer 2012 collections for The Shops by Target–there were a couple of accessories I liked but I didn’t buy them. Obviously I didn’t like them that much.

I went over to Target yesterday to look at the KZ collection with an open mind. I had my eye out for a skirt I liked in the lookbook. My store had about three kiosks of the collection. I would say there was about half of what I saw in the lookbook at my particular Target.

Kirna Zabete collection for the Shops at Target (Fall 2012)


Kirna Zabete collection for the Shops at Target (Fall 2012)

I was specifically interested in the high-low hem skirt in geometric blue and was delighted to find it in my store. I grabbed it and a few other pieces to try on. My first impression was the low quality of the fabric. I liked the pattern of the fabric on the skirt but the polyester was rough and the elastic waistband was cheap. Plus, the high-low of the hem was a bit too much of a contrast. The skirt did not flatter my short frame at all. So I passed.

The other pieces I tried on were less than awesome. I liked the pattern on the sleeveless tie front button down blouse in black and white polka dots but the fabric was so damn itchy. I took it off immediately and wouldn’t have wanted to wear it for two minutes. I would convert to catholicism if I wanted to wear a hair shirt.

Sadly ladies, Kirna Zabete is no Missoni. Personally, I bought nothing.

Did anyone else find something they liked in the collection?





Entire lookbook for Jason Wu for Target!! (and my picks)

Hi Beautiful People!

Just two days ago Target released the ENTIRE lookbook for the Jason Wu for Target designer collaboration. Whew! This collection will definitely be worth the wait.

As my loyal readership know, I seek out the best of the designer collaborations to determine what is the most wearable for the average woman. And when I say wearable, I mean, appropriate for work, school, a night out, and hanging out with your girls. BTW, I heard somewhere that ladies these days are dressing more for their girlfriend than for the men in their lives (or who they want to be in their lives/bed). I wholeheartedly agree with this observation because I love to dress up for my female colleagues. My girls are good about saying ‘you look so cute!’ which feels so great. But, I digress!

Anyways, back to JWFT…I have to say nearly EVERY piece in this collection is classic and wearable! This collection is so unlike the other designer collaborations that I just could buy every damn piece. The pieces are both classic and fresh due to Wu’s use of navy blue, pastels, pleating, boat neck and collar necklines, and lots of horizontal stripes. Now, horizontal stripes are NOT my favorite (or anyone who is only 5’2″ but it is a huge trend right now and I can’t seem to get away from them. Wu is right on Target (no pun intended) for what is in for Spring 2012. Yay!!

Below, I love this sailor suit inspired navy blue dress because it is not costum-y at all. I think it is gorgeous and the button detail up the shoulder is adorable and just enough without too much. I hope the belt comes with this. I like this contrast shoulder b/w shoulder bag. So classic, however, I am worried about this bag getting dirty. :-/

Blue sailor suit inspired dress ($39)

I also LOVE the blue and yellow floral print on the scarf and two handbags. I am not a huge blue person (I am trying to branch out more) but I do adore blue and yellow together. Add in some daisies and FFF is a super happy girly girl.

Jason Wu for Target Blue Flower Square Shoulder Bag ($39)

Jason Wu for Target Blue Flower Scarf

A woman can never have enough tote bags and I especially LOVE this one. Too bad it is $40!!

Jason Wu for Target Mila Tote ($39)

My absolute FAVORITE part of the collection, funny enough, is the navy blue shorts and super sweet red/blue top. I really love the simple chic of this outfit…and shorts are something I could actually use in my bureau.

Jason Wu for Target Navy Shorts & Stripe Top

and finally the white dress with black lace petticoat is chic and femininity incarnate. It is simply divine and just gorgeous.

White Dress with Black Petticoat ($59)

There are many many more adorable outfits in the collection including a baby blue cardi, a blue and yellow dress.  See the rest of the collection below (all shots courtesy of Glamour.com) and prices can be found here.

What is your favorite piece from the collection??



P.S. What about those black ruffly socks worn by the model? Hmmm….

Next up at H&M: Marni

HI Beautiful People!

The time has come for me to discuss the Spring 2012 designer collaboration for H&M. Now, I know I am a little late as the announcement for this collection was in November (shortly after the Versace release) and I didn’t even peep on it then. I was just super busy in the midst of my semester, which payed off BTW because I got straight A’s (!) for only the second time in my life. However, those straight A’s cost me 30 lbs….! More on that later, maybe? But, I digress.

Anyways, last November H&M announced their next collab will be with Marni, an Italian design house founded by Consuelo Castiglioni in 1995. Quick question though, was Marni really started as a FUR-ONLY fashion house? The wikipedia page says so. If that is true, it strikes me as odd that H&M would choose a potentially controvesrial designer for a collaboration. Who has the intel on this for me? but again I digress.

Regardless, the collection will be available in 260 stores worldwide (none of this UK-only BS like the Versace Cruise collection) on March 5, 2012. The teaser video features a purple polka dot suit (its nicer than it sounds) and a pair of silver platform heels (not necessarily my personal style). My interest is slightly piqued from the t-shirt and the brown print dress. Castiglioni promises lots of fab prints in the collection. yay!

Marni for H&M Teaser

As usual, I will probably skip the clothes in the line and focus more on the jewelery and/or accessories that are often much more wearable than some of the outrageous clothes in H&M collabs (printed shiny spandex leggins anyone?). Snark!

Yesterday it was announced that the T-shirt will be sold to benefit the victims of the Japanese earthquake.

Marni for H&M Tshirt sold to benefit victims of the earthquake in Japan

Waiting in anticipation to see the entire Marni line for H&M! Hopefully, the entire lookbook will be releasesd soon.



First Images from Jason Wu for Target Lookbook

Hi Fashion Lovers!

Happy New Year! I hope that 2012 is beautiful for all the lovely ladies out there in fashiondom.

I am here today to pull you out of the post-holiday winter doldrums by introducing images of some lovely dresses and a handbag from the upcoming Jason Wu for Target collab. Mr. Wu became infamous when our lovely FLOTUS chose him to design her inaugural gown. Now, not all the reviews on this dress were positive but I really liked it. I thought the dress was elegant and beautiful.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle in original Jason Wu


Target announced their latest ensemble with the well known collection last October and since then have been relatively mum on the collection. On January 3, the NYT released a vingnette with Jason Wu about the collection along with two photos. Wu says he did not attempt to copy pieces from his couture collections but he created completely new pieces based upon his fresh aesthetic and a mischevious black kitty cat named Milu. Personally, I love her jaunty red bow and she reminds me of a naughty black cat my Mom had named Tabitha. (all images courtesy of Target)

Milu is the Muse for the Jason Wu for Target Collection

Jason Wu for Target Sketch

I LOVE the clean lines and ‘all american girl’ look of these dresses and the handbag. The sailor-suit inspired dress is ador-able and I for one hope to see it on our fabulous First Lady. By far, my favorite piece in the two photos that were released is the black and white contrast canvas bag. I absolutely adore this handbag. I have been looking for a black/white handbag (*that I can afford*) for probably a year. This one is classy, elegant and very Jackie-O in my opinion.

Jason Wu for Target Ad (Dress: $40; Handbag $50)

I have to assume that we will see the entire lookbook soon, because the collection will debut in stores in about a month (Feb. 5). I leave you with the formal advertisement featuring a cute pink, yellow, and black sleeveless dress. Horizontal stripes and pleats are VERY trendy right now and this dress has both. I think it will be a hit. Apparantly the black shoes in the ad are also part of the collection, too bad we can hardly see them in this image.

Jason Wu for Target Ad

I am looking forward to seeing the other pieces from the collection! The NYT article teased us with hints of knit t-shirts and tennis skirts (!) in the collection. Yay for us.




Giambattista Valli for Impulse for Macy’s (Review)

Hi Beautiful People!

Today I had the pleasure of visiting Impluse Store at Macy’s in order to perform some reconnaissance on the Giambattista Valli for Impulse Collection.

Before I jump in to the fabulousness that is the Valli collection I want to mention the last Impulse collection…Karl Lagerfeld. I reviewed this collection in August when it debuted and gave it an OK at that time. Since, then I have been to Macy’s several times and seen KL collection in passing. Let me just say I liked the collection less each time I saw it. I didn’t buy a stitch of clothing from this line. It looks dark, drab, and may I dare say…sad, especially next to all the gorgeous colors out for Fall/Winter 2011. Apparently, I am not the only one who isn’t overly impressed with it, because the clothes aren’t necessarily flying off the rack. Look at these kiosks bursting with clothes from the collection. This after a 25% price reduction.

Karl Lagerfeld for Impluse is not selling well even at 25% off

...and even more (unsold) clothes from the KL collection

Now, on to the Valli Collection. OK, hands down, I LOVE this collection. I love some pieces more than others but the good pieces are SO fabulous that they knocked my socks off. Literally I took my socks off in the dressing room–I tried to grab a pair of black heels from the shoe section to strut back to the fitting room but was nearly tackled by a security guard.

Valli for Impulse for Macy's

Valli for Impulse Banner

Valli Collection at Impulse for Macy's

So onto the garments I tried on…first of all I grabbed this flutter sleeve animal print blouse just for laughs. It’s kinda cute, but not necessarily my favorite. I wouldn’t buy it but it sure was fun to try on! (do you love me pairing this with jeans?-ha!)

Flutter Sleeve Animal Print Blouse ($69)


Flutter Sleeve Animal Print Blouse ($69)

Secondly, I really like this skirt. I chose the black sequined t-shirt to pair it with just to have a top I could photograph in. I would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS wear a sequined t-shirt like this. Just to clarify. However, I really liked the Animal Print Metallic Jacquard skirt! More about this fabric below.

Valli Collection for Impulse: Animal Print Metallic Jacquard skirt ($69) and black sequined t-shirt ($59)

Animal Print Metallic Jacquard skirt ($69)-Cute!

Next up is the Animal Print Metallic Jacquard jacket with three-quarter length sleeves. This was the garment that first caught my eye and I LOVED it even more when I tried it on! So glamorous and chic! I always hate putting on my ratty wool coat over a gorgeous dress when I am going out. This jacket is the perfect remedy for that problem. Want!

Animal Print Metallic Jacquard Jacket ($149) in the Valli Collection for Impulse Stores

Finally…the piece de resistance is the puff sleeve animal print metallic Jacquard dress in carmen red. Now, I didn’t really think twice about this dress when I grabbed it off the rack. I was like “meh, it’s kinda cute…” but when I put it on…dreaminess ensued. I absolutely LOVED this dress and was actually SAD to take it off. I want it so bad! I am trying to figure out where I can wear it…New Years Eve party, maybe? IDK, but I gotta figure it out quick. This dress is gorgeous, flattering, modern, chic, on-trend and very now. From the sweet puff sleeves, to the perfect length it is sex on a stick. But with enough modesty that you can wear it and not feel like a trashy hooker. The print is magnificent, the animal print becomes smaller around the waist and that is somehow slimming! It’s like Cinderella magic or maybe Giambattista Valli voodoo but it is lovely, elegant, and cool all at the same time! The fit is divine too. Double WANT!! (notice no socks!)

Puff Sleeve Animal Print Metallic Jacquard Dress ($139)

Puff Sleeve Animal Print Metallic Jacquard Dress ($139)

Puff Sleeve Animal Print Metallic Jacquard Dress ($139)

Can you tell I love this dress? How many times have I included THREE photos of the same garment? I need to find somewhere to wear this immediately. Too bad I am not a high level curator at a premier museum or I would def wear this to an exhibit opening. Oh well, maybe someday….in my dreams.

I suggest all you run out and try this dress on. It may be a winner for your much anticipated holiday party! :-)

oh, and Giambattista…I give you an A+ on this one!! Thanks for the lovelies.



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