Fierce Frugal Fabulous: Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Wedge

HI Beautiful People!

Yesterday I found myself in the Sunset District of San Francisco and of course I had to visit my fav thrift store Crossroads Trading between 8th and 9th on Irving.

Earlier last week I was there and scoped out a pair of black wedge heels from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Now I have never owned a scrap of fabric sold by anyone with a name even closely resembling Marc Jacobs. So it was fun just for me to try on a pair of shoes that have that name on it. I liked them but I was not entirely convinced that I would wear them so I didn’t buy them.

Yesterday when I arrived I made a beeline for where I found the shoes and was happily surprised to see that no one had snapped them up yet. So I tried them on again and immediately was won over. I thought I could pay $35 for this pair of heels. So, I did! and now they are mine, all  mine!

Marc by Marc Jacobs black patent leather wedge heels

Marc by Marc Jacobs black patent leather wedge heels ($35)

I hear you calling me a brand whore but I don’t care

Yes, only $35

The shoes are fairly comfortable because when you consider the platform the heel is only 2-3 inches.  Hopefully I wont fall in them. The size is perfect…37 1/2. I didn’t even know Europeans sold half sizes. They are also in like new condition. :-)

Can you tell I am excited about my new shoes?



Back to Basics: Bobby Pins

Hi Beautiful People!

I have been pinning my hair up in a chignon lately. I will admit I am going hard for the curatorial look to match my new job! I noticed that the regular run of the mill bobby pins from discount department stores just not do not cut it for my ultra fine hair. Most bobby pins by brands like Conair or Goody are too large and end up slipping out of my hair. Even the mini bobby pins produced by Goody did not stay in my hair very well.

So when I stumbled upon a kiosk of premium bobby pins I knew I had to branch out and try something new. I grabbed a set of 36 bronze Premium Bob Pins ($2.99) by MetaGrip available at Sally Beauty Supply. I have been using these exclusively since I bought them and let tell you I cannot go back to the cheap brand of bobby pins. The premium bob pins by MetaGrip available Sally Beauty stay put all day long and at the end of the day my bun remains just where I put it in the morning! I bought the bronze tone, but they are also available in black, gold, and white.

Premium Bobby Pins by MetaGrip 

Premium Bobby Pins by MetaGrip available at Sally Beauty Supply ($2.99 for 36)

Premium Bobby Pins by MetaGrip in Bronze Tone 

I highly recommend these bobby pins! Go try ‘em out.




Winter Watch: Adorable Leather Gloves

HI Beautiful People!

A little bird told me that Target has a large selection of really cute leather gloves for less than $25. I went to see for myself and wow was I impressed. If you want or like gloves, then you should also go see for yourself. I dare you to buy only one pair!

Colorful Kiosk of Leather Gloves by Merona at Target (average price $22)

Merona Black Leather Gloves with Braid Detail ($22)

Red Leather Gloves with bow Detail ($22)

Merona Red Leather Gloves with Bow Detail ($22)

Merona Black Leather Gloves with animal print detail ($22)

Merona Black Leather Gloves with Bow ($22)

As you can see in the first picture there is a great selection of colorful gloves. I didn’t buy a pair yet but I plan on getting some ASAP before all the cute ones sell out.

I love that the gloves come in two sizes as well (S\M or L\XL).



Did I mention this would be a great christmas gift?

25% off Sale Prices at Anthropologie (ends 10/25)

HI Beautiful People!

Ok, my dears.

Anthropologie had a 25% off already reduced sale prices. As I am desperately amassing an appropriate wardrobe for work on a shoe string budget, I was absolutely delighted to receive an email about the sale. Luckily I was off that day, so I ran over to the Anthropologie in Berkeley, only about six miles from my home.

I didn’t really have anything in mind that I wanted so I just browsed. I did find a shirt that I wanted and a dress that I have admired online and ended up getting both! I feel sooo guilty because I have bought a lot of clothes lately. Something tells me I am not the first woman to feel guilty pleasure over buying beautiful clothes for cheap prices. But, I digress.

The dress I bought is absolutely fantastic! I plan on wearing this for when we go out in SF on New Years Eve. I had admired the Avian Myth Shift by Floreat online for a while and was absolutely shocked to see it on the 25% off sale prices rack. Even more surprised that they still had it in size heifer. just a little self deprecating humour. Tongue in cheek of course. ;-)

Avian Myth Shift by Floreat marked down to $59.96 from $158

Avian Myth Shift by Floreat Detail

This fabulous dress was originally $158, but I was able to snag is at $59.96!



Upcoming Designer Collab: Prabal Gurung for TARGET

Hello Beautiful People!

Yesterday, I was completely floored to read that Tarjay’s next designer collab is none other than…..(drumroll please)….PRABAL GURUNG!

Only a few details have been released so far, including the release date for mid March 2013.

Read more about it on Huffington Post. I am not crazy about the outfit in the photo but there might be a few wearable pieces in the collection!



Two Different Socks

HI Beautiful People!

Do you ever have one of those days where you just have to wear two different socks?






If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend a two different sock day. It is actually quite liberating!




A Sweater for All Seasons!

Hi Beautiful People!

Last week I went shopping with a friend in Walnut Creek. I love going to WC because it is very upscale compared to what I am used to. We headed over to Loft because there was a fab skirt I saw online that I wanted but alas it was sold out in stores. The skirt is now sold out online as well. Damn, I have good taste.

As luck would have it, Loft had a 40% off already reduced prices sale, which I was very excited about!! My plan was to get tops/sweaters/blouses because I can’t wear grubby t-shirts to work anymore. Believe me, this is both good and bad. But, I digress.

I happily rifled through the clearance rack in the petite section in Loft and picked out a few things to try on. After I fitted a few too big peasant blouses and a “too short for work” skirt, I went back to see if I missed anything.

It was then that I found what I feel is a fantastic sweater that can be worn for most of the year. Maybe it is because I am living in California, but I love a short sleeved sweater. I found a gorgeous beige sweater with a bit of gold thread glinting here and there in the yarn. Three buttons located at the back of the collar and a slightly longer hemline in the back make the sweater current. I love this top! I feel that it is versatile, can be worn with a variety of bottoms, and can be dressy or casual.

Ann Taylor Loft $17.99 on clearance

Ann Taylor Loft $17.99 on clearance

I scored this fantastic sweater for only $18!



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