Albertus Swanpoel for Target (review)

Hi Beautiful People!

Hats are an accessory that I have yet to discuss in depth on this forum. Now, I super love hats. They were a choice accessory of the young FFF as I used to love to play up the hat in many of my ‘diamond in the rough’ teenage stylings. From a wool beret in black (not raspberry) to the green crocheted cloche I got on junior year choir tour in New Orleans I rocked the hat a lot in high school. It became kind of a signature thing for me as a teenager. One of my favorites was a USA hockey team baseball cap that I swiped from my older brother. Now THAT hat was a babe magnet—the boys loved that one at the indoor soccer field! But, I digress.

Today I am reviewing the Albertus Swanepoel for Target line that is currently available in stores and online. Needless to say because I really love hats I was absolutely stoked to hear that there would be a Target designer with a milliner to the stars.

I am practicing extreme restraint in terms of buying extraneous things (crap) that I don’t really need. So, I could really only convince myself to purchase one hat. Well, I actually bought TWO hats, but I returned one!

The Albertus Swanepoel hat that I purchased and kept was the leopard print fedora with the black iridescent on the band (model Kwele). I really like this hat because it is fashionable and warm. One of my colleagues at school told me it was a ‘jaunty’ hat and I took that as a compliment. Several other hats in this collection were very cute. I recommend you check it out!

Albertus Swanepoel Kwele Hat ($20)

Overall, I really liked this collaboration!



My Loot from Versace for H&M!

Versace for H&M window Union Square San Francisco


Versace for H&M Shopping Bag

Hi Beautiful People!!

I waited in line for THREE hours on November 19 to get access to the Versace for H&M boutique in Union Square in SF. However, it was worth every minute for this girl who grew up in clothes from Kmart to have Versace pieces! Some people may think I am nuts, but I really LOVE my new Versace stuff.

I almost got EVERYTHING that I wanted. The only piece I was not able to procure was the cotton jersey sleeveless top because it was only left in sizes 2 and 4 when I finally got in. Ok, I guess I need to start from the beginning.

I set my alarm for 3:30am for the night before the debut, but when I woke up I thought to myself “only crazy people would get up in the middle of the night to buy expensive clothes.” So my husband and I went back to sleep. However, when I woke up at my normal time of 6:30am I was ready to get to SF and get in line. We loaded up the dogs (seriously) and headed in to the City.

I arrived at H&M on Powell Street at 7:30am and the line to get in the store was already around the block.

Line to enter H&M for the Versace Collection

So I jumped in line and chatted up the people around me. H&M staff started giving out wristbands at approximately 7:50am. I obtained a gold wristband that meant I could shop at 10:45 (ugh!) for 15 minutes. The store really had the whole event down to a T–customers with wristbands had to wait in line to get in for their allotted 15 minutes. I didn’t witness any drama throughout the whole morning–the staff was super nice and friendly. Most of the customers were cool and knew what to expect. The men’s clothes were gone almost instantly. I didn’t even see any of the men’s stuff.

The funniest thing was the people who arrived at like 11:00 thinking it would be calmed down and they could shop. Their faces were classic when the saw the line and the color coded wristband system!

Colored Wristband Chart to access Women's Collection for the Versace for H&M

Staff repeatedly announced shoppers were not allowed to purchase more than two of the same item. If they tried it would be taken from them and placed back in the inventory. The 2-only rule was the only thing that gave me hope that I might get to see the jewelery. I also knew everyone wanted the coats so I thought I might have some luck. But the jewelery was also the cheapest thing in the collection…this is what I was thinking when I was waiting.

So, I waited. and waited. and waited. and waited for another hour. When we were finally given the signal that it was time for the gold wristbands to line up I was so excited! Also, my back and feet were hurting!

The gold wristband group was finally admitted into the boutique. It was definitely worth the wait because there was a lot of merchandise still left. Well, there were no purses or necklaces left over when I got in but there were plenty of clothes. I grabbed my pink scarf first, then headed to the jewelery table. I was stoked to find a ring with the red flower, a set of earrings, and the goldtone bracelet I wanted! Sadly, all the leather bracelets were gone by the time I got to the jewelery table but I must have had some good karma because I did find one that had been returned by a store employee before I left! Yay!

The earring are giant and much too heavy for my earlobes–they will be returned or given away as a gift.

The leather and flower bracelet is soo fabulous, it really is a statement piece. I love that it looks like a corsage! very chic.

Black and Gold Leather Bracelet Versace for H&M


Black and Gold Leather Bracelet Versace for H&M (clasp)

My MOST favorite piece, however, is the gold tone bracelet because it is so versatile and can be worn with so much. I love the chains…this is a really cool bracelet. Much to my chagrin I realized the CLASP sucks! This gorgeous bracelet has fallen off of me twice and now I am afraid to wear it lest I lose it. :-(

Dammit Donatella! I love this bracelet, but the clasp leaves much to be desired.

Goldtone Versace for H&M Bracelet!

In terms of clothes, sadly, I got nothing that I can keep except for the pink scarf. Almost everything was sold out in my size by the time I got in there. I did not even see the coats or the full-sized handbags. The small bags were just too small to even be practical. In a moment of weakness, I purchased the black silk pleated skirt in a much too small size, but I returned it to the H&M store in Emeryville, Ca. I hope someone who really wants it buys it and loves it!

Black Pleated Silk Skirt with Gold Metal Detail ($69) Versace for H&M

So that was my loot: two bracelets, a pink silk scarf, and a cocktail ring. Overall, it was a good experience! I’m not sure I will ever stand in line for THREE HOURS but it was fun once!




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