Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme

Hi Beautiful People!

This posting is dedicated to the throwback of the great animal kingdom that we love to pamper and make gorgeous: our nails. Unfortunately, I am a consummate nail biter so my fingertips can often be a source of embarrassment for me. I have gone through several periods of obsessively growing out my nails (both successful and disastrous). Like the time I grew out my nails for the best friend’s wedding only to bite them off during a final two days before the big event. In desperation I had acrylic nails put on (at a WalMart in Kansas no less); it was a rash and unelegant decision that I quickly regretted when my two inch claws ripped two sets of pantyhose is a row.  But I digress.

The product I am recommending today is a tried and true cuticle cream that I have been using forever. Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme ($5.99 @ Target; also available in most drugstores) is part of my daily regiment to stave off dry and cracked cuticles. I try to apply this cream at least once a day, sometimes more. It has a sweet scent that is quite subtle.  More importantly, it absorbs very quickly into the nail and surrounding cuticle without feeling greasy. The product comes in a charming round tin that seems to last for years. I love this product so much I purchased it for my mother at one point and so I would recommend it for everyone.

Happy Shopping!

Thrift Store Score! Cece’s Closet in SF

HI there fashion lovers!

This past weekend I had the most perfect day with an old girlfriend of mine! I went into San Francisco and we had coffee, went to an AMAZING thrift store, and had a lovely Thai food lunch.

Cece’s Closet is located at 1871 Church Street in the Noe Valley neighborhood of SF. This may be the BEST consignment shop that I have ever visited. The selection is fabulous and includes tons designer and brand name pieces. During my visit I saw a pair Burberry sandals ($50) and Prada trousers as well as a lot of clothes from Ann Taylor (AT), Banana Republic, and Jcrew. (My toes looked fab in the Burberry sandals BTW.) The store was impeccably organized and well setup with clothes in the front and room of a shoes and handbags in the back. Oh, the shoes! And handbags! I picked up a lovely tan leather handbag in excellent condition–it was MICHAEL KORS for only $80!! Damn I have good taste. Ladies, this is paradise. The dressing rooms are also in the shoe and handbag room, which makes it feel more like a girlfriend’s bedroom than a boutique in SF.

I want to suggest to everyone who is going to a wedding and needs a dress to go to this store before heading to Macys or Nordstrom. You will save yourself a heap of cash. The front room had at least three GORGEOUS frocks (AT and Jcrew) at very reasonable prices and great condition that I would have grabbed for my cousins wedding later this month…but I already have a brilliant dress I got at Jigsaw in London. But I digress.

The absolute best part of this store is the owners! It is ran by a lovely couple and they are both super friendly and helpful. They take your choices to hold behind the counter so you don’t have to carry them around. They also make recommendations and bring you other items in your size and colors. They both speak Spanish as well so they are very accommodating to everyone.  ¿Donde esta la otra Zapata, por favor?

I have also heard rumours that they have a fabulous clandestine tailor who will alter your new-to-you clothes for a steal. It’s almost criminal!

As for me, I scored two great classic items! I got a beautiful beige trench coat in perfect condition from Jcrew literally snatched from the hands of Cece as soon as it was consigned ($30).  I also found an excellent pair of Italian leather ballet flats in solid silver metallic ($25). They feel like butter!

As always, happy shopping!

Calypso St. Barth for Target Summer 2011 Collection

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Calypso St. Barth for Target

Hi Fashion Lovers!

Happy Spring! I am so excited for the warm weather this year.  Spring and summer is the perfect time for rebirth and renewal in so many ways but most importantly in our wardrobes! This post is dedicated to the Calypso Saint Barth for Target line that was debuted in stores on May 1st.  You are going to LOVE this line of women’s and girl’s clothes, accessories, jewelery, makeup bags, and house wares. I also want to note that this includes PLUS sized clothes and PETITE length long skirts.

Calypso St. Barth is famous it’s the lovely beach wear with a taste of the tropics.  Celebrities love this brand for when they go on vacation to St. Thomas or the Mediterranean.  The collection of women’s clothes includes a bikini, dresses, blouses, and tank-tops in all of the trendiest colors and designs. There are also a few classic pieces that are timeless and can be worn for seasons. This is a true collection with recurring colors and themes throughout.  Also there are a number of separates that are mix and match and would look fabulous together.

Lovely silk blouses with crocheted square neckline in two sleeve lengths: sleeveless and ¾ length sleeves.

Two different styles of tunic styles in neutral beige would be great for an afternoon picnic or graduation party.  Both of these are gorgeous and have lovely details.  There are also a beautiful collection of several tank tops.

The bikini is definitely teeny tiny and will only be worn by the most brave (and confident) femmes; it is completely lacking in all support so skip it if you are super busty (and lucky like me).  There is a tankini (withunderwire) in the line that is also available online.

As an aside the make-up bags are really cute but they are a bit pricey.  The housewares include plates, cups, and a teapot among other things but are plastic-y and really not worth it.  The jewelry is fabulous and

Seriously girls, RUN, don’t walk, to your nearest Target.  These clothes are going super fast.

“Hi, Target?  I will take one of everything!  <3, FFF”

As always, Happy Shopping!


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