Fabulous Fresh Accessories for spring 2011 at Forever 21

Earrings (Forever 21, $4.80)

Bracelet (Forever 21, $5.80)

Hi there!

Today I am sharing a lovely treasure of the shopping world…the jewelry department at Forever 21. Before I go any further, I need to reiterate that I have NEVER purchased a stitch of clothing from Forever 21. I am not criticizing those who choose to buy their clothes. Simply stated I am nearly 31 and happy to be so…! But about six months ago I saw a few interesting pieces in a beauty mag and I wanted to take a closer look at them.

The jewelry section in my store is halfway back from the entrance and spans nearly the entire width of the store. It is HUGE and I was in love at first sight. There is pretty much every kind of accessory a girl could want including earrings, necklaces, bracelets (lots!), scarves, sunglasses, rings, and did I mention earrings? Walls of earrings! It is fabulous. I love to browse the racks examining the new trends and gleaning ideas. There is something for everyone…and in that I mean they stock everything from diminutive post earrings for the most demure of us and also some seriously outrageous looks! Lovers of big earrings: This is your haven. Come and bask in the light of an entire kiosk of earrings guaranteed to rival the size of a standard tea saucer.

There are also lovely and dainty items such as the pink lacquer floral post earring with gold and rhinestone accents. These earrings have a gorgeous look, are in the pastel palette that is soo popular for spring, and are a perfect accessory for any spring outfit! Most importantly, they are extra economical at only $4.80 and are appropriate for the fabulous girl of all ages. Watch out Moms, your daughters will surely want to borrow these baubles!


Another splendid find from the Forever 21 jewelry section is a beaded cuff bracelet in turquoise, cobalt blue, and silver. I abso-lutely love this bracelet. It is so trendy, pretty, and unexpected. The bracelet is comprised of three sets of beads braided and formed with wires. It is truly a cuff bracelet and does not have a clasp to fasten it closed but the wires are strong enough to keep it in place. Finally it is comfortable to wear and does not snag clothes or arm hair (I hate that). The turquoise accent make it super stylish but the neutral navy and silver allow it be convertible among your wardrobe. I have been wearing it non-stop since I bought it. It is also available in a pink/purple.  I had to resist buying both colors, because this lovely piece was only $5.80!


So even if you don’t want to be Forever 21 (or ever return to your 20s), run and check out their fabulous jewelry selection!
Happy Accessorizing!

DOUBLE Bonus Days at Macy’s (Clinique & Estee Lauder)!!

Clinique Bonus Days Kiosk

HI Ladies!

Just a quick heads up that we have a DOUBLE bonus days going on at Macy’s right now.  Clinique is offering a lovely bag and assorted goodies in your color choice with a purchase of $21.50!  Also Estee Lauder is offering a cosmetic case, bag, and make-up with any fragrance purchase.  This is your chance to go out and grab a new perfume (my fav estee lauder is original Pleasures) and that new product from Clinique you have been eyeing.  Maybe a sunscreen? I recommend the City Block SPF 25 ($18) because it is light, oil-free, and can be worn under make-up.  The price is a little expensive for my tastes, but I have spent a lot of time in the sun so a good sunscreen is a must for me.  But I digress.

Bonus days are awesome for several reasons.  First, they allow you to replace your mascara relatively often, which is a must for preventing eye funk.  This is especially important if you share your makeup!  Secondly, taking advantage of bonus days allows you get the latest colors for the season in both make-up and a cute cosmetics bag.  Finally, you can obtain the expensive and admittedly higher quality eye creams and moisturizers.  More importantly you don’t have to drop the better part of $100 to get a product that doesn’t end up working for you.

What did I get for my bonus days item, you ask?  Actually, I skipped it this time. Gasp. I am waiting for the Lancôme bonus days. I got an inside line that it will take place in June! I love their sample sized eye creams.  J

What did you get for your bonus item?  Any recommendations from the gallery for affordable (or long-lasting) Clinique products? Is there an Estee Lauder perfume that you love, can’t live without, and would recommend to all stylish ladies?

Happy Bonus Days!

Miracle Blemish Cream for less than $10!!

Hi Fierce Fashion Fans!

Today, I am sharing a newly discovered beauty product by Neutrogena: Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight & Fade Gel with Microclear™ ($7.99 @ Ulta). This product is a miracle in a tube and highly affordable. I wasn’t getting the same results after using a $30+ Clinique pimple cream from the department store for a few years. So, I decided to try a new product. I was looking for an economical choice as well. I picked this up after reading about it in a beauty mag.

My skin is very oily, which makes it prone to blackheads, clogged pores, and pimples. So, a good pimple cream is a must-have for my makeup basket. I have the unfortunate experience of getting blemishes that are red, hard, and painful. TMI, right?

This product is one of those rare gems that actually produce the results it promises. The pimple on my chin was less red and swollen within 24 hours of use and totally gone within three days (with repeated applications). The gel went on nicely with no residue and provided cooling to the affected area. Plus, the skin discoloration that I experience after a blemish was markedly reduced!

Yay, thanks Neutrogena!


Hey ladies!!

Simply stated, fiercefrugalfashion is a forum for ladies to share their secrets of fabulous while shopping on a budget.

Lets face it girls, in this economy we all have to count our pennies.  So, I decided to create a forum to discuss affordable beauty products that actually work and stores that sell trendy clothes for reasonable prices.  Occasionally, I will post on an awesome item I find for a great price.

A little about me… I am thirty years old (gasp), I love fashion, beauty products, and feeling beautiful inside and out.  However, I am NOT a model, or even close to it.  I am 5’1″ and average a size 10 (petite!). I DO NOT like to spend a lot of money on clothes and products.

I want all of use to be as lovely we can be, even if some of us are living on a budget in a recession!    Feel free to post and share your great finds and bargains!

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